I’m a user experience designer and a big fan of Seinfeld. I'm confident that through human-centered design, we can leave our communities better that we found them. Reach out on Twitter or connect on Linkedin.

Some Experiments I'm Working On

Chatbot Experiments

Chatbots are an interesting medium—they encourage users to actively engage with content rather than passively ingesting it (i.e. pressing play on a video and sitting back vs. asking a chatbot a question). I've built three chatbots on Motion AI's platform.

Augmented Reality Experiments

I've been playing with some augmented reality ideas lately to try and learn some new prototyping skills—it's been pretty fun to jump into. It's different than working on the web or native apps, and my prototyping process is definitely still evolving. 

Prototyping with Framer

I've been experimenting with Framer as a part of my prototyping toolkit lately. Framer Studio has made it a lot easier to pick up the program without a ton of development knowledge, and I've really enjoyed using it.

Prototyping with NFC Technology and Zapier

One of our clients was interested in building a game-like event experience for a big conference next year. To see what was possible with a variety of different technologies, I decided to jump in and start prototyping.

Companies I've Worked With